Vote For Tony Quinn as your Independent Councillor on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Remember to vote Liberal Democrat in ROUNDHAY on May 6th - vote QUINN

Here are the results following the polling in 6th May 2021:
MARTIN Lisa Labour Party 4,357
HUSSAIN Zara Labour Party 4,198
COHEN Elayna Beverley The Conservative Party Candidate 1,583
WEINER Spencer Elliott The Conservative Party Candidate 1,486
WILSON Richard Miles Green Party 1,225
•  QUINN Tony Liberal Democrats 941
•  NORRIS Kavi Ian Liberal Democrats 575
CHRISTIE Malcolm Scott Alliance for Green Socialism - Save NHS 363
PARTINGTON Max Anthony Social Democratic Party 106
BICKLER Darryl Paul Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews. 98
WHETSTONE Paul Anthony Social Democratic Party 30

As TWO seats were vacant in Roundhay Ward (following the resignations of two Labour Councillors, Anglea Wenham and Eleanor Tunnicliffe) candidates Lisa Martin & Zara Hussain were elected.


Remember to vote Liberal Democrat in ROUNDHAY on May 6th - vote QUINN

Here are the results from the elections on 2nd May 2019:

Results: Leeds: Roundhay - Labour hold

• Jacob Stephen Goddard – Labour - 3,021
Tony Quinn – Independent - 945
• Elayna Cohen – Conservatives - 876
• Paul Charles Ellis – Greens - 807
• Jon Charles Hannah – Liberal Democrats - 575
• Hannah Sarah Barham-Brown – Women's Equality - 365
• Tony Roberts – UKIP - 212
• Malcolm Scott Christie – Alliance for Green Socialism - 80

Contact details:

Facebook: @votequinn
Twitter: @VoteTonyQuinn

I think it is time Roundhay had representation 100% focussed on the issues which affect our Ward. We deserve better than to become another branch of a 'family business'.

A little more..

Tony Quinn - your Liberal Democrat Candidate for ROUNDHAY May 2021.

Local air quality.
Roundhay residents should be assured that their local air quality will improve alongside the additional benefits which will result from being integral to improving air quality city wide. An effective solution requires positive encouragement of change in preference to the current negative approach.

Green space and amenity.
From the largest public park in Europe to the small triangle of grass at Oakwood junction, trees, verges, roundabouts, playing fields, private gardens; these are the lungs of the city. Roundhay ward is predominantly a conservation area. I will actively promote strategies to ensure our shared environment is respected, maintained and improved.

Communication between residents and the Council.
I know that many residents are uncertain about the most effective way to communicate with our local council offices. By increasing awareness of the currently most effective means of contact, such as online via a web browser or using an app on your phone, it is my aim to simplify the reporting of maintenance issues in our area such as the need for street sweeping, the repair of potholes, the collection of large items and the removal of illegal waste.

Recycling and waste disposal.
Leeds City Council aims to be 'the best Council' yet recycling percentage rates in the city lag behind other regions, plus we have no domestic glass recycling collection. Many residents are confused about the correct use of the green recycling bins; I am sure the Council can do better to support us in our wish to increase our recycling rates. I shall promote a review of Council strategies such as the charges for disposing of waste at 'the tip' which has the likely outcome of increasing illegal fly-tipping.

Promoting local area community spirit.
Local community groups and events form an invaluable part of our area such as Oakwood Day, Farmers' Market, Craft market, Christmas Lights and Tree, Open Gardens, Art Trail, Allotment open days, In Bloom, and many more. I shall continue to actively support and help all our local groups and events.

'In your area today'.
Some candidates are promoting the fact that they 'were in your area today' - I am in your area EVERY day, I live and work here, and will continue to do so as your local Councillor - my suburb in my city!

Local groups leading the way in larger projects
The childrens' playground campaign in Roundhay Park by FORP (Friends of Roundhay Park), The dredging of the lake and associated improvements to Gledhow Valley Woods by FGVW (The Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods) along with other projects within Roundhay are current examples of local groups tackling larger projects. I shall continue being an active supporter of local groups taking on the challenges involved in completing larger projects.

Speeding Cars? Bad Parking? Dog Mess? Bins? Rubbish? Housing? Anti-Social Behaviour? Crime.

I will effectively fulfil my role of as your local councillor by representing the Roundhay ward and the people who live in it. I will provide a bridge between the Roundhay community and the council. I will be visible, accessible and accountable, continue to live locally and represent our local community by standing up for it, remain proactive – including listening to, and being available to the people of Roundhay.

Contact details:

Facebook: @votequinn
Twitter: @VoteTonyQuinn